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Prokera for Dry Eye

Elderly Man with Dry Eye in Norwalk

Eye Care with Relief for Dry Eyes in Norwalk!

Dry eye has many annoying symptoms that can cause pain and interfere with your daily life. A variety of options is available for dry eye treatment, and our eye doctor will recommend the best remedy to alleviate your irritation. Prokera, a new treatment for chronic dry eye, heals your eye surface – restoring your eye to a healthy, normal condition. For more information about this innovative therapy and how it can help you, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Martin D. Arkin, in Norwalk.

What is Prokera?

Prokera is similar to a thin and clear contact lens, which our optometrist will insert into your eye during a simple in-office procedure. This contact lens is made of amniotic tissue from a placenta, known for powerful healing actions. Just as an amniotic membrane surrounds a baby in a protective environment to encourage healthy growth, Prokera works to soothe and rejuvenate your eyes.

Prokera will restore health to your cornea with less pain, inflammation and scarring than other therapeutic methods. According to recent surveys, as many as 93% patients with dry eye report relief from Prokera!

Where does the amniotic tissue come from?

Prokera is composed of tissue provided by an FDA-regulated tissue bank. Before use in this ocular therapy, the amniotic tissue must pass many quality control tests for safety. Prokera is safe and effective.

Does Prokera hurt?

No. Constructed like an x-large contact lens, Prokera may create the mild sensation of having a foreign body in your eye, yet there is no pain. That’s why it is used to treat many eye conditions, such as corneal scars, chemical burns, keratitis, and other surface eye conditions with irritation and swelling – such as dry eye.

Our Norwalk eye care specialist is experienced and knowledgeable about Prokera. If you suffer from dry eye and seek relief, call today to reserve an appointment – because your vision needs to be clear and comfortable!